Sending sign artwork

Sending your sign artwork is easy.
Just follow the steps below and we’ll take care of the rest.

Artwork File Requirements

  • We prefer a CMYK EPS with fonts converted to outlines and 10-20mm bleed allowance (proportional to finished size).
  • PDFs are fine, but for large format printing they can have problems with Pantone® and transparency.
  • Raster Images in your files should be 1200dpi@10% final size for best results.
  • Generally speaking, a closely viewed sign needs to be around 100-120dpi@final size, a billboard can drop to 25-50dpi.
  • Files for vinyl cutting, laser cutting, CNC routing and engraving must be a vector file, (saving a .jpeg as an .eps doesn’t make it a vector file!) If all you have is a .jpeg, .tiff or bitmap we will vectorise your file for a reasonable fee.

Some extra tips...

  • Convert all files to CMYK for expected results.
  • You can specify Pantone® solid colours in the file and our multi-inkset printers and RIP’s will produce a very good match.
  • If possible, avoid making your files at 300dpi @ Final size for anything over 500mm x 500mm. It’s completely unnecessary and will make files larger than they need to be.
  • If you found an image on the web and want to use that, it’s most likely unusable as the resolution is probably 72-96dpi and the size of a postage stamp.
  • Any Adobe or high end font will generally scale up nicely, but if you grabbed something off the web for free, zoom it and check it. You may be surprised at all the lumps and bumps!

Sending files to us