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Fabricated Acrylic Signs

acrylic fabricated signs
Contact Mobile: Fabricated acrylic letters. Clean, even illumination (no 'dirty' corners), 90 degree bends instead of butt joins where possible. It all adds up to a better sign.

Fabricated letters in illuminated acrylic not only look great but are the standard in shopping centres.

Illumination can be LEDs, neon or in some cases fluorescent lighting.

Translucent acrylic, opaque acrylic, vinyl or digitally printed faces can be incorporated for an endless amount of effects.

We only use best grades for an even, white illumination with LEDs, neon and fluorescent lightsource.

Fabricated Metal Signage

metal sign fabrication
3-Dimensional aluminium logo for Civic Video Metal fabrication calls for special skills and equipment. We have made hundreds of metal fabricated signs.

Metal is the supreme material when it comes to fabricated outdoor signage.

Strong and durable it can be folded, rolled cut and welded by an experienced signmaker into almost any shape.

Signkiosk have years of experience in metal sign fabrication.

Pictured is an aluminium logo being formed into shape by our sign fabricator.

We fabricate aluminium, brass, stainless steel and chromed steel plate lettering and signs.

Dimensional Sign Making

acrylic reception sign
Acrylic reception sign. Clear acrylic with reverse print graphics, router cut vinyl faced & painted letters with 3Dimensional globe looks great... for Corporate Traveller®

Acrylic, timber, Celuka®, glass and metals are all used in our dimensional signs and letters.

Laser and router cut signage is polished, linished, painted or coated then assembled usually with vinyl cut or digitally printed graphics into great looking signs for our customers.

Pictured is the final letters being applied to an all acrylic reception sign.

See the artwork for this sign here.

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