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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some common questions with answers that we've been asked over the years. If you don't find what you need to know, just ask!


How long have you been making signs?
Our family has been in the sign business for over 60 years.

What makes Signkiosk different?
We don't just slap some letters on a board and call it a 'sign'. We take pride in our work, delivering the best possible product at a competitive price. The best advertisement we have is a happy customer and we have thousands of them!

Does Signkiosk make all the signs themselves or do they outsource?
Unlike most 'fast and instant sign shops', we make mostly everything ourselves. That's the only way we've found to get the quality we want whilst keeping the cost down for our customers.

What equipment do you have?
Just about everything to make just about any sign.

Can you come and look at my shop?
No problems at all! contact us to arrange a time.

How do I know my sign will look and be made the way I want?
You'll get a detailed layout of your sign to approve before we start production.

The shopping centre wants to see a sign construction drawing, what do I do?
We can supply detailed drawings in those instances along with detailed artwork.

What if something is wrong with my sign from Signkiosk?
If something is wrong, we'll make it right... it's that simple.

Can I send you a photo for ideas and a quote?
Yes, a photo and a rough idea of measurements will help us in working out a quote.

How can I get a quote?
Please contact us.

Do you do hand painted signs and gold leaf?
Yes, we are also traditional signwriters, we've hand painted thousands of signs, but in this day and age it is more viable to use the technology available.

What if I have a budget?
We'll look at different ideas and give you options on how to meet your budget.

Will you match a competitors quote?
We'll take a look at the quote and work out what materials, methods and installation
procedures you have been quoted on and see what we can do.
We can only compare 'apples with apples', we don't and won't do 'junk jobs'.

Who made your website?
We did.

Will my information be kept private?

Graphic Design

Do you do design work?
Yes, we are sign designers.

I want to do my own artwork. What kind of file do I supply?
Go to the Artwork and File Requirements Page.

How can I get files to you?
By email, post or if we're in the area we'll pick it up.

All I have is a business card for my logo and graphics, can you work with these?
Yes, no problem, we have extensive experience in scanning and vectorising artwork and recreating graphics, logos and fonts, although some time may be charged, depending on the time we spend cleaning up your artwork.

Do you have ready available images and clipart?
We don't want to charge you for our time going through thousands of images. We will point you to online image libraries where you can browse and either you or we can purchase the image on your behalf.

Mac or PC based?

Can you match corporate colours, styles, substrates and fonts?
Yes, we understand the importance of maintaining your company standards.

Can you match my colours from a sample?
Yes, we have a Gretag Spectrolino/Spectroscan, we can measure your sample and reproduce your colours.

Large Format Printing

Can you print true photo quality indoor / outdoor signs and images?
Yes, we have the 8 colour ink set Epson GS6000, designed specifically for this application.

Can you match PMS, Trumatch and specific CMYK colours?
We've invested heavily in equipment, testing and training.
Our 8 colour ink set printers do a far better job at colour matching than most other sign shops that are using only 4 or 6 colour inksets.

Installation and Delivery

Where do you deliver to?
We deliver signs all over Australia.

Do you install signs?
Yes, we have extensive experience.

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