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Sign Design – Recreating Artwork

This is an example of recreated artwork.

When your original artwork isn’t of sufficient quality for it to be used for large format printing or in a suitable format for vinyl cutting, routing or engraving Signkiosk can usually recreate it and/or vectorise it.

sign layout
The rereated artwork is now an illustrator .eps that can be used for sign, print, web, stationary etc. Elements within the design can be isolated, extracted and manipulated for use in other design work.
raster graphics
CodeBlue could only the supply this low resolution raster image for print. After advising them that the image was unsuitable, especially as it was being used on a 750mm x 2100mm illuminated lightbox, they asked us to recreate it.
vector graphics
After our designer replaced the deformed fonts, he applied the outlines, blocking, shadows, fills and blends, paying special attention to the blending and colours of the original. This artwork was now a vector graphic and printed beautifully.
vector image
When viewed in preview or outline mode in design software the outline can be seen, the artwork now is vectorised and can be scaled to any dimensions. The outlines can also be modified and used as paths for vinyl cutting, routing and engraving purposes.

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