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Sign Glossary R

Need to know the definition of a sign type, material and/or process? Have a read through our extensive Signs Glossary.


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An electrical enclosure that may also serve as a mounting structure for the sign.

Raster Image

Raster graphics are resolution dependent. They cannot scale without loss of quality.

Raster graphics (.jpeg, .tiff, .bmp are some file types) deal more practically than vector graphics with photographs and photo-realistic images, while vector graphics often serve better typesetting or for graphic design.

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A raster image processor (RIP) is a component used in a printing system which produces a raster image also known as a bitmap. The bitmap is then sent to a printing device for output.

The input may be a page description in a high-level page description language such as PostScript, Portable Document Format, XPS or another bitmap of higher or lower resolution than the output device. In the latter case, the RIP applies either smoothing or interpolation algorithms to the input bitmap to generate the output bitmap.


The quality that enables the observer to correctly perceive the message.

Regulatory Sign

A sign having the primary purpose of conveying information concerning rules, ordinances or laws.

Retractable banner stand / Pull up banner stand / Banner Bug

A portable banner display system where the banner display graphic is stored in the base and retracts back into it, much the way a window blind operates.

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The sides of a channel letter or awning fascia that ‘returns’ back toward the building.

Reverse Channel Letter

A fabricated dimensional letter with opaque face and side walls.


Short for red, green, blue monitor, a monitor that requires separate signals for each of the three colors. All color computer monitors are RGB monitors.

RGB is the most common color mode used when creating graphics, even though graphics to be commercially printed are eventually converted to CMYK mode, the colors used in printing inks.

Roof Sign

A building mounted sign erected on the roof of a building.

Router Cut

In sign making, this usually refers to a computer controlled router that profile cuts plastics, non ferrous metals, aluminium composites, Dibond and wood etc via the use of design software and a controller programme into letters and shapes.

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