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Sign Glossary O

Need to know the definition of a sign type, material and/or process? Have a read through our extensive Signs Glossary.


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One-Way Vision Film, Contra Vision®

Perforated or non-perforated one-way see-through graphics.

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Not letting light or another colour to show through. In sign making this usually refers to vinyls, acrylics, banner materials etc, for example ‘opaque vinyl’, ‘dense white’ or ‘black acrylic’ and ‘blockout banner’ so that if a banner is double-sided the image from one side will not show through the other side (especially in sunlight) and spoil the image.

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Opal Acrylic

Acrylic usually in sheet form that has a milky translucency, usually used in illuminated sign faces and letters.

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Open Channel Letter

A dimensional letter that has no face and, if illuminated with the light source visible. A clear face for physical protection of internal components may be used.

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