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Signkiosk have acquired a new Epson SureColor S80660L printer!

Signkiosk are proud to announce that we have upgraded our printing systems to the latest technology. That being the Epson SureColor S80660L!

This allows us to give you better colours than ever before, more accurate colour matching and now, for the first time ever, we’re able to print on both white and metallic on most printing media. This is truly exciting for us as it extends our capabilities of what we can bring to the table. For this reason, we can’t wait to start printing all your new signage needs!

What can you print on with the Epson SureColor S80660L?

Just like before, we are able to print on all paper, canvas, vinyl and some special films up to 1626mm (1.626m) in width*! But with the Epson SureColor S80660L, we are able to provide more colour consistency throughout the print with its advanced blower drying system, and more accurate sized prints with its advanced tension control—Bringing you impactful signage, graphics, banners for walls, windows, vehicles and light box back-lit displays!

*This does not limit the size we can print. Anything wider than 1626mm (1.626m) will have to be in separate drops just as we have done before.

What colours does it produce?

Epson SureColor S80660L utilises a whooping 9 ink cartridges + white or metallic cartridge at any given time. Ensuring that your brand’s colours (Pantone, CMYK, Lab, etc), photos and whatever else you may need will always be what it should be.

Epson SureColor S80660L has truly got us stumped with its colour clarity… Our previous Epson GS-6000 already produced an amazing print—So good that we haven’t had to update it for 10 years!

Is it environmentally friendly?

The Epson SureColor S80660L is also more environmentally conscious with its amazingly low power consumption, eco-friendly inks and low maintenance parts. Meaning less wastage and less carbon footprint on mother earth. Something we look to improve even more in 2021 onwards.

We look forward to printing your next signs with this thing of beauty. We’re certain you will be impressed just as we are.

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