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Stainless Letters Signs

stainless steel sign
Hunters Hill Hotel: Fabricated mirror stainless steel letters with neon backlight. Silhouettes the logo at night.

Highly polished stainless steel letters, chromed steel, acrylic, brass or aluminium letters look fantastic and add class to any business.

Pictured is a mirror stainless steel sign with standoff mounting and internal neon lighting that silhouettes the lettering against the timber feature.

Newly renovated Hunters Hill Hotel came to us for something special and they certainly achieved it.

Laser Cut Letters Signs

3 dimensional sign
An example of what our high powered, high precision laser machine can produce for you. The sky is the limit!

Stainless steel letters, MDF, acrylic, brass, aluminium, plastics, PVC, Celuka® and wood letters, logos, shapes and signs.

Paint finished, digital print, vinyl graphics, illuminated or non-illuminated.

Dimensional letters and signs project an established image.

Most shopping centres require signs to have a 3D look.

We have produced thousands of 3D letters and signs

Liquid Metal Coatings

liquid metal sign
Private Residence Building Signage: Celuka letters coated in Liqmet® iron finish, pin fixed to wall. Designed to look aged.

Real metal application process to letters and signs in iron, brass, copper, bronze and aluminium coatings.

Liqmet® Metal Coating is 95% metal with the properties of metal so it can be polished, worked and oxidised like metal if desired.

There is a large range of finishes and textures available.

Signkiosk is a Liqmet® Registered Applicator, extensively trained in this process.

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