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Crane Signs

A crane stands high and mighty and shines across the city from a long distance. An opportunity that should never be overlooked.

Crane signs are like a signature on your artwork. It lets viewers know who’s on the job. An opportunity that should not be missed as it not only increases brand recognition, but it also demonstrates the scale of the brand itself and what it can achieve.

Crane signs can be made in many different ways. They can be illuminated 3D signs, LED Neons, Banners and more. Below are some of the options you can consider for your crane.

Illuminated Crane Signs

crane signs
Outstanding LED lit logo for SHEETH‘s crane.

3D illuminated letters are the most popular and best looking option for crane signage. They are large in size and illuminated with bright LEDs that can be seen from a long distance away at night, as well as the day time. You can have a name, image, logo or icon to represent your business.

You can further the WOW factor by have interchangeable LEDs and change the colours on the go. A feature that is overlooked by many that can really help you stand out even more.

Naturally, they will be large in size to allow it to be seen from a longer distance.

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Banner Crane Signs

Banner crane signs are an affordable option of branding your crane. It is also a flexible option as it can be used to advertise specials, events or even other business should you choose to rent out the space for advertising.

They are printed on high quality PVC canvas and have air pockets so they aren’t affected by the strong winds and can be mounted via strong rope or chains via the eyelets along the edges.

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