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Illuminated Signage

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Illuminated Signage

Illuminated signs
Flight Centre® Acrylic and MDF bulkhead signage with LED-lit fabricated opal acrylic letters

We design, manufacture and supply all shapes, sizes and types of illuminated signs.

Signs such as the one pictured are usually installed as a complete unit with electrics and internal lighting pre-fitted.

Logos and lettering can be an integral element in the design, not just placed on top of the sign cabinet.

This gives a more unified look than freestanding letters and logos.

Illuminated Signs & Letters

Illuminated signage
Solid-faced illuminated signage
Black acrylic faces with neon-lighting, opal acrylic sides provides a lot of contrast and glow... for JB HI-FI

We fabricate letters in all styles and sizes.

Neon is used more for illuminating outdoor signs while led lighting is becoming more popular for indoor signage and shopping centres.

Whatever lighting source is used, Signkiosk strive for clean, bright & smooth illumination of the letters.

Backlit & Halo Metal Letters

Illuminated metal signage
Backlit fabricated illuminated metal letters.
Fabricated letters, LED illumination, mounted off the background to produce this great halo effect

We fabricate metal signs in all shapes and sizes.

Metal signage is the most durable of all backlit exterior signs.

Pictured is an all aluminium fabricated sign with internal sno-white neon illumination, mounted so it stands off the background.

The soft halo glow of this type of sign that silhouettes the lettering is very appealing!

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