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Sign Glossary L

Need to know the definition of a sign type, material and/or process? Have a read through our extensive Signs Glossary.


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Usually clear self-adhesive film, or can be a liquid which is usually applied over printed graphics to protect them and extend their life.

Laser Cut

Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high power laser, by computer, at the material to be cut. In the sign making industry the most widely laser cut materials are acrylic and stainless steel.

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Large Format Printing

In the sign industry this usually means printing that is wider than 900mm by any length, aqueous or solvent onto various vinyls, banner, backlit films and some fabrics.


The actual design on paper or in design software of a sign before it is approved or manufactured (a ‘layout’). Can also mean the process of a signwriter ‘marking out’ a sign to hand letter or apply vinyl lettering or graphics.

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Light emitting diodes are diodes(electronic components that let electricity pass in only one direction) that emit visible light when electricity is applied, much like a light bulb. When many LEDs are side-by-side, they can create pictures, such as the scrolling red LED signs found everywhere.


The characteristics of letters, numbers, graphics, or symbols that make it possible to differentiate one from the other.

Lifestyle Graphic

A graphic, usually a large format printed photograph depicting a person or people using a product or service in daily life or in a pose or situation that sets the mood for an advertisement.

Lightbox Sign

A sign that is illuminated by a light source that is contained inside the sign.

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Linished Finish

To linish is an engineering term that refers to the process of using grinding or belt sanding techniques to improve the flatness of a surface.

It produces an attractive ‘scuffed’ appearance.

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Real metal application process to letters and signs in iron, brass, copper, bronze and aluminium coatings. LiqMet® Metal Coating is 95% metal with the properties of metal so it can be polished, worked and oxidised like metal if desired. There is a large range of finishes and textures available.

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A design that represents goods, identity or service.

Liquid Metal®

Real metal that has the same properties as metal that is applied as a coating to signage.
Available in different metal types, finishes and patinas.

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