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Sign Design

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Our designer will super impose designs onto your vehicle, shop, buildings etc. You can see how your signs will look before you give final approval.

van signs

Apples & Pears Entertainment

Apples & Pears Entertainment contacted Signkiosk about signage for a new van.

They had somes ideas, colours and a logo for us to work from.

We took some digital photos and measurements.

Our designer then set about creating detailed artwork to add into the photos that we had taken.

vehicle sign design


The artwork at left was emailed to our customer for review.

After a minor tweak here and there, all the signage was approved.

Making of cut-files for vinyl graphics, cleaning and prepping of the vehicle commenced.

van graphics


All signage was layed out on the vehicle, staying true to the layout, then applied and set with heat guns.

At Signkiosk, we use this method on all vehicle signage as the heat helps takes the stress and 'memory' out of the vinyl so that it sets into the grooves and channels so that it won't lift at a later date.

This shot was taken as the customer was ready to drive off... He loved it!

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