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Corten (Rusted) Signs

Corten is a popular form of cladding for buildings, monuments and now even signage. It is a weather resistant material with a rusty look to compliment an industrial aesthetic. A very popular trend in modern design and architecture today.

Corten is a strong material that can be cut and shaped in many different forms whist still retaining its sturdiness. For this reason, it can be made into made into many different sign types available on the market today. These include (but not limited to):

  • Lightboxes
  • Signboxes
  • 3D Letters
  • Directory Signs
  • Designer Cladding (with patterns, holes and shapes cut out)

There are many other ways to use Corten. It really depends on your imagination and how far you want to take your signage design. The sky’s the limit!

How does Corten material work?

Corten is a combination of steel alloy materials which, over short period of time, develops a rusted patina when exposed to the weather. Although it has a corroded look, it does not degrade the material and retains the strength it originally had. To further give confidence in it’s reliability, the Corten material is commonly used on building structures and have been used for many years.

Corten Signs We’ve Created

Just some of the brands we make signs for...