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Lightbox Sign Gallery

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A. Retail Lightboxes - Chop Shop

Illuminated lightboxes with vinyl graphics
Illuminated lightboxes with printed vinyl graphics applied to face. Client supplied their own artwork that we vectorised.


illuminated light box sign
Large lightbox with dimensional acrylic letters. Router cut PVC letters fixed to the face of the acrylic panels really adds dimension to this great looking lightbox...for Black Stump.


3d lighted sign
DibondĀ® lightbox sign, routed and folded with subframe. 3D illuminated acrylic push through painted letters and coffee cup logo look great against the matte vinyl...for Cafe Parkview.


cantilever sign light box
Projecting double-side light-box sign.
A steel subframe is required on a sign like this with an aluminium extrusion that holds the acrylic panels firmly in place...for Bottlemart.

E. Hotel Lightboxes - Criterion

Under Awning Lightbox Signs
Double-sided hanging retro art deco lightboxes. Internal LED lighting system. Liquid metal custom copper paint finish.

F. Building Lightboxes - 69 O'Riordan Street

illuminated light box sign
Welded constructed aluminium lightboxes with rounded corners. Internal sub-frame with backlit LED modules.

G. Gaming VIP Lightbox - Hunters Hill Hotel

large slimline light-box sign
CNC router cut alluminium faces painted with a textured ferrador finish. Internally illuminated text and edge only, with chasing or flashing LEDs lights.


Under awning light box and hamper signs for Flight Centre
Illuminated lighbox signs with vinyl graphics.
Existing light box signs repainted, serviced and with new acrylic panels and graphics...for Flight Centre®.