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Custom Made Pegboard Signs

Pegboards are quickly becoming are more popular choice for all menu and notice boards within restaurants and cafes in recent years. They’re an economical signage solution and look great for those after a classic, yet modern look.

What is a Pegboard Sign?

Pegboards are pre-drilled boards which allow for individual letters to be placed in position of the holes as required.

They can be made from a sturdy plywood or plastic material which are precisely drilled on our advanced CNC Router. They are fully customised as they’re made to order, so the Pegboards can come in all different shapes and sizes and even be painted if required.

For those that aren’t familiar with the concept of a pegboard sign, they are boards with many holes that form a grid-like pattern, which can hold pegged letters in place to form a menu board, message board and more.

What can I use a Pegboard Sign for?

Popular uses of a customer made pegboard include menus, announcement boards and event promotions, but can be used in other scenarios also.

They are suited for cafe’s, restaurants, workshops, furniture stores, indoor and outdoor events and more.

Just some of the brands we make signs for...