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Window Frosting & Decorative Films

Window frosting (also known as privacy film or decorative window film) is an effective way to make your windows and partitions private without compromising natural daylight. They are usually seen in offices and shopfronts and really give the overall environment premium looking edge to add value to your business and/or space.

The Benefits of Privacy Window Frosting

  • Window frosting are made from high quality material and last for up to 15 years indoor use and 7 years outdoor use for most common trusted brands.
  • Some frosting have UV protection attributes which help protect furniture from sun damage.
  • Great looking high end finish to enhance your interior and exterior looks
  • Endless customisation possibilities

Frost Film Customisation

The window frosting vinyl films come in many different forms, styles and patterns and can be machine cut to any shape to suit your ideas. You can even have custom cutouts of silhouettes or patterns that can really take the aesthetics of your space to the next level. Further your design by combining them with other solid prints to make for some really complex and interesting looking results. Another way you could customise it is by printing directly onto the frost to further push the limits of your design*.

* This only applies to standard frost films.

Window frosting with cut out shapes to form a world map
Window frosting with cut out shapes to form a world map.

Suitable Frost Film Applications

Window frosting is not limited to just office spaces. They can be used in homes as well, for those that wish to have more privacy without blocking out the natural light. Ideal applications are for bathroom windows and any other windows that may be exposed to neighbours and/or public areas.

Window Frosting Gallery

Below are some of the window frosting options we have made possible. There are always new trends in the architectural space which result in new styles always being released. Let us know if you would like to see a catalogue.

Interested in any of these signs? Let us know!

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